That introduction to literature


Cortázar and “Viaje a la semilla” would be other stories to read; I read these in this course, which shows that it was avant-garde when I took it.

I could make this iteration cohesive around a theme: stories of love and death. That would fit, if loosely, for almost all the writers I am thinking of using. I am emphasizing narrative, un petit peu.

I am going to give García Lorca more seriously the following spring and we can study poetry and drama and essay then.


Shaping up now, it is:

Borges, Nueva antología personal

Garcia Lorca, Bodas de Sangre

—, some poetry and essays, and N. Guillén, the same, and C. Méndez; we will study metrics with short poems

García Márquez, Crónica de una muerte anunciada

Klein, La narración

Poniatowska, Querido Diego


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