More exceptionalism

It appears that my LASA paper was actually written over 10 years ago by the graduate student Joshua Lund. (A meaning of this would be that I am not cutting edge and am well positioned in these peripheral trenches, translating smart work for the masses. This is not a bad realization; I am not being negative here.)

In any case I must re-study Lund — from Cultural Critique 47 (2001): 54-90, on “barbarian” theorizing. Riffing, for now: it would seem that exceptionalism is a criollo discourse; Lund suggests that the decoloniality Mignolo now proposes is another too-broad category and is also imbricated with Eurocentric binaries.

I must return to all of this, and figure it out.


3 thoughts on “More exceptionalism

  1. NB. If you search Joshua Lund in Project Muse, you come to important things in LARR, Cultural Critique, and elsewhere by him, Neil Larsen, and others, often on Freyre, all worth reading. About 2008-2011, and keep looking.

  2. Looks like he has a 2012 book with the title The Mestizo State. !! I wish I had known about that earlier. No time to read it until I finish paperwork on two promotion cases.

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