Serious advice to new faculty

I have developed this principle before but I do not always apply it, as I am careless now and because solidarity and also familiarity with the contingent faculty makes me too egalitarian. But you should not listen very much to other assistant professors or to instructors and adjuncts.

They are the ones who most wish your downfall, despite appearing the most solidary, and their information is poor. I have seen more than one person sink because of this, and I have sometimes almost sunk because of this.

A large part of my current problem is that my subunit has 3 professors and 5 contingent M.A.s, and they have as much or more power than we do, so between them and the lower division students I am in a kind of teenaged world all too much of the time.

This is the reason I volunteer for every university committee, so I can interact with professors.



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