What I would like to post as my Facebook status, but will not

“The Vichy State faculty I am bored with are those who say students of our largest local ethnicity are less capable than other students. When I taught at State Flagship University there were also many students of our local ethnicity and faculty never made this kind of distinction, or voiced this kind of slur.”



2 thoughts on “What I would like to post as my Facebook status, but will not

  1. When I said in a meeting that our students are in no way less capable than the ones I had at Cornell or Yale, everybody was very exasperated. And when I shared that I use many of the same materials I used there, I was accused of lying.

    1. I am now being strongly hinted at that I should not. Borges is too hard for the junior year, etc., and one should give no theory. If this is an opening salvo to assigning the upper level courses to instructors, I will be displeased.

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