Some gossip about Vallejo

He had an affair with the woman living across the street from his family in Stgo. de Chuco, who was the former “wife” of a priest. Poems like “Verano” are about her. He lost her to Carlos Santa María … all of this was in 1915 but I wonder whether it contributes to the events of 1923 (Stephen Hart thinks so).

Do you think, by the way, that the Catholic disapproval of sex is based on the activities priests actually get up to — women they have promised not to have, young boys, and so on?

He felt guilty about his parentage, as a descendant of priests.

The “golpes en la vida” are the rape or attempted rape of Ma. Agueda in Stgo. de Chuco, in 1917, by (I think) an associate of the Santa María family.

Hart is using Silva-Santisteban’s edition of Vallejo.

It is really wonderful to be able to read with attention, no to have to struggle to work.

Espejo Asturrizaga is veiling the truth throughout his biography, and this is why it is so tedious (to me) to read.


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