Quand je reviendrai

When I return from Peru I will set up course books on the web for spring, contact the high schools, and start building my course websites. I will call the handyman.

I will be in a position to write every day, and do things like yoga.

On authority and authoritarianism

My colleagues refuse to compromise with each other at all over methods for the multi-section courses.

Yet when I said one of my sections was so woefully unprepared that I was going to reteach material from earlier semesters while allowing students who are doing well to form a group and work ahead, and also offering them the opportunity to attend my other section which was doing better, they said: are you allowed to do that?

But why would I not allow myself to do that, if they all allow themselves to do whatever they want including not require students to  form sentences? I do not understand the rigidity, and I am from California, and from the olden days.



10 thoughts on “Quand je reviendrai

  1. That’s why I don’t share my plans with colleagues. I don’t want to waste energy contending with the mysterious allowing authorities in people’s heads.

    1. Yes, but in my culture one does discuss what one is doing, what is working, what isn’t. I don’t like these atmospheres where one has to be secretive … so my whole complaint is about authoritarian cultures, really.

    1. Gracias. Trying. I always go into extreme culture shock even though I am so accustomed — I think it is about crossing the equator, i.e., it is biological or geological somehow. I am also freaking out about this conference … but it is all good, in the end.

  2. Jealous. Would love to go back there.
    I must say I am incredulous that anyone would ask you whether you, as a professor, are “allowed” to do things.

    1. I work for an authoritarian institution that sees us as Wal*Mart workers in a lot of ways.

      Peru, yes. Another world. Yes, I like it.

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