I am here again, with this event. Trujillo seems beachy and bright as always, with flags snapping in the breeze, as on a ship. On the Jirón San Martín there are letter-writers for hire on the sidewalk, with manual typewriters and carbon paper. I want to take their picture.

Peru is one of the countries that would most benefit from the elimination of motor vehicles, and the return of the electric tram. I am told Lima’s actual population is 11,000,000 now. But even little Trujillo is overpopulated with cars. Beep-beep!


3 thoughts on “Trujillo

  1. That’s like Hilo, too. Traffic, traffic, traffic. I wonder what kind of letters people want typed for them.

    1. From what I could gather, official business letters. Impressive!

      What I must blog about: something someone said in this congreso: it was not possible to work on Vallejo 20 years ago. I need to expand on all of this.

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