Arequipa Tacna Wilson

(That is what the colectivo drivers on an important route in Lima used to say.)

I have returned from Peru, so I can set up course books on the web for spring, contact the high schools, and start building my course websites. I can call the handyman.

I am in a position to write every day, and do things like yoga.

The voyage was miraculous and epoch-making.

My horoscope says:

You are at a point in your astrological cycle when you deserve to rake in the rewards that you have been working hard to earn. I expect you to be a magnet for gifts and blessings. The favors and compliments you have doled out will be returned to you. For all the strings you have pulled in behalf of others’ dreams, strings will now be pulled for you. Halloween costume suggestion: a beaming kid hauling around a red wagon full of brightly wrapped presents….

(Do you have a…time when a key to your destiny was suddenly laid bare? A turning point when you got a gift that has fueled your quest for years? Revisit that breakthrough. Then ask life for another one.)

As a side note, I learned that I was right back then when I said it was not the right time to be working on Vallejo (it is easier now, it was twenty years too early, said an expert who knows nothing of my trials), and when I said he was not the right horse to bet on for a career (he still is not, said a great Vallejo scholar who also regrets having been too good a citizen of his university, at the expense of his own research and name).



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