Sampson Starkweather


The hammer, the afterbirth, the anvil, the ink,
the already-not-yet, the aperture, the armchair, the pleasure
of cellar door, the chimera, the never, the more,
the bullet, the born, the there, the uncle,
the surrogate, the peninsula, the risen,
the drown, the jig-saw, the Jew, the glass,
the ceasefire, the phonograph, the smoke.

Immutable, external, hungry,
lithographed, indexed, widowed, thirtytwoed,
tumescent, deracinated, alive.
Snowing, burning, ballooning,
pelting, sapling, fasting, inoculating,
lying, weeping, a tiger, snowing, snowing.

Almost, right here, beyond,
perhaps, during, to the left of, so much, after,
distant, always, this one, almost, never, too much.

The succulent, the air, the quickening,
the kiss, the august,
the rebuff, the rope, the cruelty, the spittle,
the punchline, the rags, the reckoning,
the 1-wing, the awl, the would-be breasts,
the water, the lessness, . . . . . . . . . . the wait.

Check him out.


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