S o c o r r o, or, I shall be free

If you know who I am and you are willing, send me mail at my regular address and I will send you an address. One of my high school friends is homeless in Stockton, CA and I am soliciting direct donations to her, yes.

When we were in high school one of my friends’ fathers abandoned her family. My father paid her family’s mortgage that month. That friend is not contributing to this friend now, nor is anyone else, but my father is.

The fact that he is has brought it home to me: is it not normal that none of the others are contributing.

Some would say that if I were good I would be magnanimous and realize that these people simply cannot face it but I am not good and I think charity toward the ungenerous is just a mechanism designed to save them face. And of course the degree of my surprise is the degree of my (erroneous) belief in people.


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