Le voyage

It has taken some planning but I have the plane ticket, which cost a total of one hundred twenty-seven dollars.

Nights 1-7 will be in Barcelona and I must reserve that room in Born. $55×7, or $385.
Nights 8-11 will be in Sitges and I must reserve my room. $50×4, or $200.
On Day 12 I leave Sitges very early and take a train from Barcelona to Bourgogne. I must buy the Barcelona-Lyon ticket and also the ticket for the post-Lyon train. 49 and then 22 Euros.
Nights 12-19 (or 12-20) will be in Bourgogne. I will have to remember to buy the ticket on to Paris, but this is not urgent.
Nights 19/20 to 21 will be in Paris and I must find a place to stay.
On Day 22 I leave Paris very early to come to Maringouin. I should probably stay near the Gare du Nord for this reason, so I can catch the first RER in. That means the Montmartre/Gare du Nord zone basically, since it is the only place you can get public transportation to de Gaulle so early.

Another thought is to come into Roissy straight from Bourgogne on the TGV the evening before, stay in a Novotel and not try to do anything in Paris. However, the SNCF site keeps telling me that the TGV station at Roissy is out of service … so strange … and this suggests Paris beckons. I can stay here, right near the Gare du Nord, if I can make that pesky Air BnB site work. This will cost about $150 altogether.

So we have $735 on lodging and about 100 Euros on trains — Barcelona to Paris, but with the Barcelona-Lyon trajet bought in Spain for 49 Euros. This means I am spending just over $1000 on flight, trains and lodging for three weeks in Europe. And I don’t eat expensive food, so this is a downright economical vacation. You must congratulate me, in part because it is a straight-up vacation.


2 thoughts on “Le voyage

    1. Hattie, I am as brilliant a travel planner as you can find. This is being arranged so I can visit my French pen pal at her place in Burgundy. We met 50 years ago this summer, in Portugal, aged 8, and have been corresponding since but have not seen each other — during the time I used to go to France, she was in South America, but in other countries than the ones I used to live in. Is this not singular, that we have been corresponding for 50 years and since that age, without seeing each other?

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