News from the fleecing economy

Air BnB writes:

Hi Z,

There’s only one week left for you to secure your spot at Airbnb Open for the early bird price of €220. Starting July 16, the price will increase to €260. Registration includes full access to over 100 classes, talks by influential thought leaders, five meals, a dazzling host awards gala, and a Saturday Paris adventure that will make this a trip to remember.

This summit is your time to be a guest, to be celebrated, and to be inspired. Hosts from 55 countries already have their tickets! Get yours to join them.

They have seen that I browsed their Paris listings and are now inviting me to this event. Notice how they are treating hosts like employees in more and more ways, while using their infrastructure and rather than paying them, charging them service fees. Now they are inviting them to this promotional event, on which the company will surely make a profit.

And it is all presented as social life, inspiration, fun and games. I will say it again: they have manipulated hordes of people into working for them almost like employees, while taking advantage of their infrastructure and spending only a tiny amount on infrastructure and employees of their own. And while dodging regulation and, I am sure, many taxes.

In revenge, when I get to Paris I will stay in a hotel.


4 thoughts on “News from the fleecing economy

  1. My neighbor just spent several days slaving away getting his vacation rental ready for guests. Not my cup of tea, that’s for sure. Our rental is a lot of work, too, but I flat out refuse to do it. We have rental agency, but Terry works on the place a lot anyway. In fact, the whole neighborhood is in a constant frenzy of house and yard maintenance. I’m tired of it.

    1. In fact, the whole neighborhood is in a constant frenzy of house and yard maintenance.

      And I thought mine was the neighborhood from hell. Ironically, my suburban (to a fault) community has made it basically illegal to be a landlord (as a means to the end of making it illegal to be a tenant, of course). The constant frenzy, in our case, is in the name of “curb appeal,” as is the social filtering implied by jealously guarding the single-family owner-occupied norm.

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