Biblioteca de Catalunya

I spent five days there. The first two, I did not bring the laptop because I did not realize you could plug them in and mine had short battery life. Then I realized this was because I needed a new battery, so I took the computer to the shop and was without it for two days. (In fact you can plug them in, I just did not expect that since I am so used to Latin America where they would not be able to afford to give you that much electricity, or build so many outlets.)

I took notes on paper and it was blissful. On the fifth and last day I thought I would be in ultra-bliss because of the possibility of downloading things right to my machine. But now I was to take notes on it as well, and I could not concentrate. It is much harder to hold the book open and read and type on a screen than it is to read and write, and I think noticeably better when I am writing by hand.

This has been a very interesting experiment, and this post, while it is for all, is especially for Undine.


One thought on “Biblioteca de Catalunya

  1. I think the words flow better when I write by hand. Glad you are having a good and productive time in Barcelona.

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