Rosemond Tuve

There is an article we should all read and discuss, as it is about the present. It is part of a symposium on the teaching of literature, where other luminaries presented as well.

Tuve, Rosemond. “More Battle than Books.” Sewanee Review 55:4 (Oct.-Dec. 1947): 571-585.

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This post is for all, but is especially for Dame Eleanor Hull.


4 thoughts on “Rosemond Tuve

  1. There is also an article on the discipline of English in the present age, in Profession 2007, that I think is related and that I should reread.

  2. And someone said: Erwin Panofsky, “The History of Art as Humanistic Discipline,” 1955. It’s McCarthy-era, but makes a lot of points that are still very important today. He argues for the cultural value of purely theoretical and academic pursuits and intellectual freedom.

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