Writing group

I have an in person writing group for the first time since graduate school. Here is our plan.

Immediate goal: each have at least two scholarly articles (or one for R. and 3 for Z.) under consideration by 12/1/2016.

Ultimate goal: have a steady stream of articles (R.) and book (Z.) coming; both apply for promotion by 8/15/2019.

1. Minor writing 30 minutes per day, six days per week.

R.: a. Polish up the article on names, to send an early version to a local venue. Send the manuscript to C. as well, and ask about the research that would be needed to make the complete version. This could conceivably be a co-authored piece. b. compile application for NEH Institute. c. Start writing on a new piece, and/or the expanded version of the names article.

Leslie: a. Polish up “Language” article and send to its editor at NFM. b. Work on expansion of this piece for JCI. c. Also consider these venues for related pieces: CHE, Truthout, The Nation. d. Consider applying for an NEH Institute.

2. Major research and writing Tuesday and Thursday mornings 2.5 hours each, and 4 hours on the weekend (or distributed elsewhere in the week.

R.: Immediate goal is reading, primarily in syntax.

Z: Immediate goal is Vallejo paper(s); after that, the book on race.

We should both get calendars and mark off when our research hours are planned and when we actually get work done.


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