Keeping the faith

My student, an undergraduate, said:

I wish we could stay at the MLA forever! We would listen to panels, read new books, and talk to interesting people every day, in Austin! It would not be for just a few days, it would be our lives!

It was excellent, not least because we went to the subconference, which I really recommend. I want to start going to the MLA regularly again, and I would like to be a regular at JALLA (even moreso than LASA, really).

How shall I keep the “conference aura”–the feeling of being in a safe and positive place–around me this semester? How does one recognize and change an abusive relationship with the self? How does one resist the effects of abusive behavior of administration, as well as some colleagues and students?

I have at hand a few pages that summarize the sixth chapter of Herman’s Trauma and Recovery and discern that I still suffer from some alterations in self-perception. There is more to think about here.


2 thoughts on “Keeping the faith

  1. Academics are not supposed to need pleasant circumstances, that would mean we were not serious. We are supposed to be willing to put up with any amount of pain or unpleasantness to be on the tenure track or in a tenured job. Nothing else matters, I keep being told, or nothing else should matter.

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