Mais dis donc

Had I realized the CSA was meeting in Haiti, I would have arranged to be part of that adventure. I am tempted to write the director and ask if I can join late. Even though I am not funded for it, and even though part of it overlaps with something else I am committed to, I want to go. I have a Haiti-related paper I am working on, and I could use the word transcolonial instead of transnational.

The sensible thing is to wait until there is another conference in Haiti and plan on doing that, but when will this be? It is not like waiting for there to be another conference in the United States, or in France. But then again, how good will this conference really be, for my purposes? What about the $200 registration fee?

In sum, it appears that to go to Haiti, I want to go to an event, and it is clear that one of the things I should do and do not is have Fulbrights. (I do not take them because I have bills at home that I need to cover, and because I do not live in a place where it is easy to rent out the house. I wonder whether this assessment of the situation could bear revision.)


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