♦ I must renew library books!

♦ I must create publicity.

  1. Press release, to University media people.
  2. Radio station 1.
  3. Radio station 2.
  4. Facebook event.
  5. Website.
  6. Electronic mailing lists.
  7. Flyer, but post it, do not e-mail it.
  8. Departmental mailing list.

♦ 9. I must also create a social calendar. It is because of the need to do THAT that I must create the publicity sooner rather than later.

♦ These kinds of things take up an enormous of time at work. There are many days and weeks when fully 50% of my time, if one actually tracks things, is dedicated to service, administration, and undergraduate independent study undertaken because we do not have enough students to run more courses, yet must shepherd seniors to graduation anyway.

♦ Yet if I say no, the same amount of time gets taken up by the fact that things have not been done — the only difference is that it all happens more chaotically, and without any positive residue.

♦ Therefore, I will run down this list, three items a week until all eight of these things are done. I will do these things Wednesday nights. I ought to make this post sticky, or vow not to post until these things and also the departmental website are finished.


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