Phil Ochs

I am listening to Phil Ochs who died forty years ago this weekend.

I remember that spring so clearly. There was so much foreboding, and there were so many elements and remnants left from a brighter past. These remnants were disappearing and I was a child growing with the sun and rain that filled us all with nostalgia.

Ochs was a generation older than me when he was alive, but he is much younger now. And so much time has passed, and he seemed dated when I last tried out these recordings, but now he seems timeless.

We were too young to go out then and we listened to music in the headphones and pored over liner notes. Dave van Ronk, another player we liked, had this to say about Ochs.


I am thinking about affect, how important it is, and love and support and rationality and resources, the difference they make.


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