Robert Duncan

Among books I found a 1969 letter from him that reads in part:

Among my exploits this year, there was just recently—presented by the Department of Spanish and Portuguese—a Poetry Festival and Conference at Austin, Texas. Sumptuously sponsored. When Octavio Paz resigned as Ambassador to India, Texas grabbed him up. Or rather, Rodolfo Cardona, the new head of Spanish and Latin American Studies, grabbed him up. Cardona was the organizing presiding almost poetic “administration”; Paz, the designer in part. Zukofsky, Olson (with Creeley at the last moment crises taking his place) and I were the three American representatives, Paz, and Borges the South & Central American luminaries, and Alberto de Lacerda representing Portugal, Milosz attending to keep a Slavic note—we had three days of conversations and public readings. Paz and I had a half hour or so interview with Borges—or rather conversation, with that expert spinner of talk. Well, out of all that, for all of the fact that Paz and Borges are fluent indeed in English, I wisht I could switch gears into French (which was current) and Spanish.


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