Jill Stein

I have decided to vote third party if Hillary Clinton is the candidate. Louisiana will vote Trump in any case, and my vote will not make a difference to that; if I thought it would I would vote Clinton for Roe v. Wade and some related things.

But her militarism and foreign policy disasters mean that the vote would also sit heavy on my conscience — too heavily, considering that it would do nothing good. And the feeling of being coerced would weigh on me, too.

A third party vote would be a vote of no (or little) confidence in the Democratic Party and I think they need to receive this message. This is going to be my eleventh Presidential election and I have voted third party at least three times, perhaps more. I am just not a Democrat, even though I register that way faute de mieux and vote that way sometimes.

Here, meanwhile, is a very interesting post on how Clinton will win because she is a Christian. I keep thinking that the Hillary-firsters have got to be more comfortable than I am with this.


3 thoughts on “Jill Stein

  1. I could vote for Stein too, probably will. But right now involvement in the local and state arenas is taking a lot of my time. I’m not throwing money and energy at national campaigns.

    1. Local is the way to go. BTW there is a piece in Counterpunch on the thinness of Sanders that you would probably appreciate. He ain’t no Kucinich, it is true, but I think that is why he was able to get so far.

      I am for 3d party and for building it at local level first.

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