People the Democratic Party abandoned

…before the 1980 Reagan landslide.

Trump is winning the votes of a lot of people who used to be Democrats. These white, working-class people are his main base of support. As a group, these people were once Democrats all over the country. These are Franklin Roosevelt’s people. These are the people that the Democrats essentially decided to turn their backs on back in the 1970s. They call them the legatees of the New Deal. They were done with these guys, and now look what’s happened—they’ve gone with Donald Trump. That’s frightening and horrifying.

But Trump talks about their issues in a way that they find compelling, especially the trade issue. When he talks about trade, they believe him. Ironically, he’s saying the same things that Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are saying about trade, but for whatever reason people find him more believable on this subject than they do Hillary Clinton.

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4 thoughts on “People the Democratic Party abandoned

  1. I admired Thomas Frank once, but have gone off him. Same with Corey Robin. They don’t know enough.

    1. I am not familiar with either of them.

      What I think would complement this piece is a discussion of the repression of the 60s movements, Cointelpro, etc., and all the “anti-hippie” propaganda. I had a very interesting conversation the other day with someone born 1946 about how a lot of the refusal to fight in Viet Nam *was* egotistical / “spoiled” — not about opposition to imperialist wars or anything actually principled.

      I was never for abolishing the draft, it is so complicit with the arms industry and with privatization of military to do that.

      I also voted 3d party in 1976, my first Presidential election, because I didn’t like the activities of the Democratic Party that Frank describes here.

  2. Hard to get it across that it was a different time. Huff Post has a good piece by Noam Chomsky that you might want to look at. It’s an excellent overview and explanation of a lot of hysteria on the right.

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