Textos rescatados de Vallejo

Here is a description of the book, in a HALLALI, a cultural studies journal on the Great War and the Hispanic world. It is an attempt to throw light on the life and work of Vallejo from the point of view of documents that have been hard to get or to see heretofore. It includes facsimiles. The authors say that they, like Coyné in 1949, want to go beyond hagiography and work toward intellectual biography.

The part of the book I am most interested in now is the third chapter, on heated polemics by and around Vallejo and his poetry that took place in print before even his first book was published.

I have the book from a library and am thinking of buying it, which one can do — but I will wait until I see whether I want more books from the same place. The library I check the book out from is so near, yet so far.

César Vallejo: La escritura del devenir is another book I would rather own than check out repeatedly from a faraway library, although I do not like the book as much as others do and would not buy it if we owned it ourselves.

The reason I do not like any of Julio Ortega’s work as much as others do is that I find it informed and suggestive, but also vague and lacking in exegesis. It is as though he were just chatting about the topic, and the real text were elsewhere.

This book would have to come, that is to say, could come from La casa del libro.

I should want to buy Orrego, Mi encuentro con César Vallejo, but I do not because of the brownness of the pages and the poor quality of the print. I will have to keep taking it out of the faraway library, and read it at a library table with good light.

I do want to buy Autógrafos olvidados but it is expensive; I would also like to own a copy of the Izquierdo Ríos book, yet cannot find one. So I will keep driving back and forth to renew these at libraries, and that will be that.


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