The election

My main reason for not voting Clinton is that her record and her policies are so poor. What makes it impossible for me to vote for her at a visceral level is her supporters, who feel I owe them my vote. The idea that the DNC/DLC own me because I am registered Democrat is ludicrous. I think Clinton is a terrible candidate, and her presidency will bring us little good. I am sure the Clintonistas disagree with me on many policy related issues — they must, if they are that enthusiastic. The reason I like Sanders is not because of Sanders but because that many people were willing to vote for the things he stands for.

Yes, fascism can happen here. On the other hand, hasn’t it already? Aren’t Clinton and Trump just two faces of it? Are Trump’s ugly nativism and ability to name Supreme Court justices really so much scarier than the activities Clinton’s men will undertake? On the other hand CenLaMar thinks Clinton could win Louisiana. We could vote for her and help stop Trump. That would be good, if one considers he would be worse. Or not, if one believes a Trump victory means a Democratic sweep in 2018 and beyond.

Clinton would be good for Louisiana as she is a strong supporter of the oil industry and proponent of fracking. With her backing of private prisons we would strengthen that industry, and she could help us privatize more of the public school system. That is why I don’t find the idea of voting for a lesser evil to be enough this time. I do normally say it is better to choose the less-bad because that puts you in a better position for organizing. But I don’t think that view applies in this case, or that it is compelling, because Clinton isn’t a liberal ally — actually, I was voting for Sanders as a liberal ally.

I don’t like the people who say you have to vote for Clinton, and I don’t like the ones who say you should not vote at all (because it is their Constitution, not ours, because the system is rigged, because, because, because, because, because). I also don’t like the ones who say Trump will not be worse than Clinton. I think they only say that because they are personally in positions to be protected from Trumpesque devastation. Nonetheless there will be Clinton devastation and the Clintonistas don’t know or don’t care.

I still don’t entirely believe the candidates will actually turn out to be Clinton and Trump, or that they will be the only major players. I also think Trump could drop out, or if he stays and wins, resign. I am at this time still voting Stein, although if the polls get really close I could vote Clinton, against Trump. All of this is what I said I would do originally. But mostly, I think the time to decide is in November.


One thought on “The election

  1. Also, I would say the compromise candidate *is* Sanders — he’s not the ideal candidate or the 3d party candidate, he’s the Democrat I’d be willing to vote for despite disagreements, doubts and so on. Clinton is just too far, and she *is* to the right of Obama.

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