Writing group report

Last week I finished a draft of a report for the department on an ongoing service and teaching initiative. It has been judged good. I will keep working on it, two hours per week, and spend another hour or so a week implementing aspects of it, for the foreseeable future.

I also got two conference panels together, one on the prison project and one on the Vallejo project. I am waiting to hear about my conference proposal on the race project.

This week I will work out every day. I will finish grading, and I will do the errands I need to do for the sake of life in general. I will get up early and read fiction at night.

In terms of writing, I will continue with the article on curriculum. In terms of research, I will work on Vallejo.

I need a shiatsu massage and I will look out for one. I also need to file papers, and I will keep this in mind — I should ideally do a small portion of this most days, or perhaps designated two hours a week for this, starting now and extending into the future.


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