Nation versus state, and postnationalism

I am not convinced we are really postnational yet. And I am behind the times, so I should read this old piece. The term ‘post–nationalism’ has been proposed to designate the emergence of political bodies in the wake of economic globalisation. However, not only is the ‘post–national landscape’ strongly redolent of nationalism, but nations themselves … More Nation versus state, and postnationalism

For this prize I need

1. The application coversheet, with all items completed: A one- to two-page, single-spaced statement outlining the work and describing its importance. A biography and bibliography of the author, including information on translations of his or her work into other languages. A CV of the translator, no longer than three pages. If the book is not … More For this prize I need

Sur le temps

I, too, dislike scheduling to death because it is altogether too intimidating. A schedule is good but it must have a great deal of empty space in it. But I am more than ever convinced that scheduling and time are small issues. It is far more fundamental not to allow unbearable pressure, to do what … More Sur le temps

Ce que j’ai fait

“Yesterday, the first day of vacation, I worked on classes, met with students, and worked on classes again. I finished some more pieces of the departmental website and felt greatly relieved. “Today I am reading articles. Several students will take the foreign language reading examination. Each must have an article with no English abstract or … More Ce que j’ai fait


This was a draft post from three years ago. I had been asked to join yet another honor society and did not want to, I don’t have that kind of disposable income and if I did I would donate it elsewhere. But the chapter really wanted more people, needed me it said, and I was … More Dreams

The election

My main reason for not voting Clinton is that her record and her policies are so poor. What makes it impossible for me to vote for her at a visceral level is her supporters, who feel I owe them my vote. The idea that the DNC/DLC own me because I am registered Democrat is ludicrous. … More The election

Pour faire

Drop as much teaching and service as possible. Write down a list of all papers you have in the works with your students, and write a revised, accelerated timeline for the submission of each. Meet with students at least once about each of those papers in the coming two weeks. Write down a list of all proposals … More Pour faire