That Vallejo panel

I must compose my to-do list: the Service Learning project, the Vallejo panel, the Curriculum and Instruction article, the Houston paper and its submission somewhere, and the Vallejo paper … not to mention the prison presentation. I also have the prize submission, the archival research, and the bureaucratic document on my own behalf.

For Vallejo, we have two new-to-me critical texts: one involving the October Revolution, El Tungsteno and Badiou, and a piece by Stephen Hart that talks about Vallejo the homo sacer (Angamben).

Homo sacer or “sovereign power and bare life” = sacred pariah, criminal, exile, wounded, flawed; I must discover what these things really mean. Hart’s piece is about self-respresentation and identity in Vallejo —  because Vallejo did produce himself and also get produced in certain ways.

My ideas on the matter at hand have to do with Borges, “La nadería de la personalidad,” and similar writings from the period.


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