Corbyn certainly appears different from the generations of cookie cutter politicians the UK has grown used to over the last few decades. The Labour leader doesn’t play the game and he remains unwilling to submit to what the media and the political establishment expect from a leader of the opposition and prime minister in waiting. In response, the British media have vilified Corbyn, assassinated his character, ridiculed his personality and delegitimised his ideas and politics, only then to subsequently blame him for his own negative media representations and his “toxic” relationship with the media.”

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3 thoughts on “Corbyn

  1. I just read a blog posting by a woman in “typical” circumstances in a northern English town, and what she feels is complete exclusion from the good life. Everything is grim and ugly there for people of slender means. She lives in council housing on the dole, because her husband is disabled. It really is a dog’s life. She voted STAY, though, because she has some hopes for her children, feels they might have a shot at a bigger life. But the class system has re-asserted itself and there is no way around that. It leaves all challengers looking like soreheads, like Corbyn. Lacking in those suave and graceful manners of the upper classes. Awful situation.

      1. I shouldn’t share it. It would embarrass her. She’s not on my blog roll. It’s so frightening.

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