Allons voir comment je vais y aller — updated (yet more) (and more)

Le plan:

What is left: 316 syllabus TWEAK and tweak Moodle site, 202 syllabus TWEAK and both of its websites, arborist, door-maker, Gary, vita, two bureaucratic documents (teaching and administration), student papers. New next week: 462 lecture Monday, contact LASA people Monday, restart article writing Tuesday, continue article, LASA, LHA Wednesday, Thursday, Friday…and weekend, all the way up to write on site Tuesday.

Further strategy: 10 minutes a day on the scary projects. These are the bureaucratic documents, the vita, and the old student papers.

What I learned: do it with health and love and without pressure, and do not take on any new service or recreation undertaken out of duty. (I turned down two individual study proposals last week, which was very good.)

The meaning of it all: “a los estudiantes dales tu talento, pero no tu brillantez” (as someone told me once long ago).


Work on LASA even though the syllabi need more work. Finish the syllabus for Spanish 202. The websites, all of them, for Spanish 202 need real work and the 316 iLRN website has to be set up still. I will remember these things and work on them as I work on the paper syllabi. I will keep working on LASA in the evening. (This really needs to be done.) Monday’s research happened, but otherwise all I did was teach. I am behind.


I will finish the syllabus for Spanish 316 and finish the LASA thing, I really hope (if I have not done so already).  I will make sure the 202 syllabus and websites are finished. I will chase down an arborist and my door-maker. I started the syllabus for Spanish 316 and did other work and home related things, but did not accomplish all of this by a long shot. I also got up late and only spent five hours in the office. I am further behind.


I will teach, and work out between classes. I will finish anything from above that is not finished so far. All I did was teach.


There is someone in L.A. I must call. I must finish work on my vita and two bureaucratic documents, and on student papers I have not finished commenting upon.  I am depressed because I am so behind. But now I am elated because I crossed some things off — and I have two weekend days in which to cross off more.

Monday 29

Write the second lecture for Spanish 462.

Tuesday 30

Write on site: new article.


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