Henrietta S. Kahn


My great-great grandmother from Mitau. She was born in 1822, before the town was swallowed up by Riga. Latvia had been annexed to Russia in 1795. Here she is in the early to mid 1840s. She is with her first son Alexander, who died at 18 months. Her second son Alexander was born in St. Petersburg in 1847.

My great-aunt Valeska met this grandmother in Chicago about 1890. Valeska was tiny then, and it occurs to me that her cousins, of whom I always think as ancient people, would have been small children as well. When they were old, they talked together and did not have parents; small, I imagine them talking without parents as well, like the Peanuts characters.


7 thoughts on “Henrietta S. Kahn

    1. No! It was Bersani I had on the brain all weekend, hoping he had not died. I guess I got the message in displaced form!

      1. How strange—you are more tuned in than I am, at least. It came as a shock to me. I can’t find anything on the web; the news came in e-mail from a friend.

  1. Well, I am psychic, but not trained / do not train it. I should. Also, the thing is, that tier of professors is the one in line to die about now — they are our parents’ age, so considering coldly and impartially, one has to be ready daily. It is odd to think of Duggan old enough to die, though, as I do not believe I have laid eyes on him in at least 30 years if not more. I think of him as young middle age and sturdy.

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