An activist agenda

So, last week was statement signing. If you have not done this yet, now is the time. DONE.

This week:
Paul Ryan re: ACA. DONE.
Making a list of local groups that have organizing resources and workshops. Getting on their mailing lists. Taking a workshop or two. Best if in-person, but online is better than nothing. Figuring out where sanctuary is, who is responsible, and how it’s going to be protected.

Next week: Early holiday giving by donations in everyone you know’s name to organizations that will preserve free speech, monitor and expose corruption, and prosecute hate crimes. Climate stuff, sure. Black Lives Matter, indeed. Whatever matters to you that you always meant to support with more than a blog post. DONE.

Nov. 28- Dec. 16: Make friends in real life! Figure out who in Pantsuit Nation, for example, lives near you. Meet up at your local library or cafe or place of worship. Talk as much about what you do want as what you don’t want. Make a list. Make priorities. Or not. We don’t have to agree on everything, just on enough things to move some forward. Consider who in your local politics — town council, school board, etc. — can help you make it happen. Consider who in your national politics can help you make it happen. Consider any local organizations that you might want to visit with to see how you can help them make it happen. Consider whether any of you want to run for office. Make friends, make plans.

Dec. 16-Jan. 11: Your members of Congress leave Washington and come home! Please make an appointment to see your members of Congress. Take two or three or ten friends, old and new. Let them know the choice facing them is country above party, and that you, the voter, also have a choice, will be watching, and will be going to the polls again real soon. Be as specific about expectations as possible: Bannon, political appointment confirmations, climate change, Russia, business conflicts of interest, DAPL, ACA, DACA, and so on and so forth. Be polite but clear. Take pictures together. Tell everyone what they said.

Jan. 20 forward: Hold everyone accountable for everything, including ourselves.


3 thoughts on “An activist agenda

    1. And watch the documentary on Scotland so we can talk well to Republicans, I think it will help.,%201%25)_paying%20customers%20-%20%5B5565%5D%20-%201020&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=vid

      But what do you think about these campaigns to call on congresspersons to oppose the Bannon appointment, call Paul Ryan to support Obamacare, will they work at all?

  1. Here are more key ideas from a friend of a friend. “We need to counter Trump et al bad economic plans with local alternatives that keep jobs and money in local, county, state and regional areas instead of siphoning it upward. Co-ops, credit unions, labor unions, etc., that we already know work. Remind the Trumpy team that racism and sexism cost, and do not make money.”

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