A colleague said:

It is not a university, it is A PLANTATION.
It is not a department, it is SOMEONE’S PSYCHIC SCENARIO.


3 thoughts on “Lemmas

  1. Also: they do not work on programs, but to maintain the status quo or increase personal power. All work on programs is seen as an effort to increase personal power.

  2. Plantation! It sounds like a dreadful place, but a plantation? With no salaries whatever, 16-hour days, and literal enslavement?

    1. No, it is not as easy to see as that. It is about how power flows and about the ultimate purpose of the place (note that we are also very far ahead on privatization and neoliberalization, it is an institution to hollow out and exploit … I was describing some practices and reasons for them to my father the Aged One 92 today and he said it was a criminal enterprise)

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