Bad poetry

Here is a bad poem or at least, one I dislike. I read it while reading an interesting book review that shows precisely why everyone is fatigued with the Democratic Party, in the same magazine with a yet more interesting book review on Hitler, characterized as a warning from history. This was the title of an important BBC series on the second world war made in the late 90s, that is apparently being rebroadcast now.

I am of course fascinated with the Shoah since I find my Polish and Lithuanian cousins in its databases. I have seen Night will fall, a documentary about a documentary that has been finished at last. This second film is very beautifully photographed, strange though that may seem to say. But the cameramen were artists and I think they had good film and equipment.

Meanwhile, it seems that the FBI sat on the Trump-Russia file for months. But at least there is such a thing as Radio Cómeme — which offers better poetry than does (necessarily) Sharon Olds.


5 thoughts on “Bad poetry

  1. So much awful poetry these days. I have found some good poems in the Times Literary Supplement.
    Did you read Twilight of the Elites?

    1. I need to read the TLS more regularly. I have not read Twilight of the Elites, although I will put it on list if you recommend…!

  2. Olds is not my favorite either. This is a particularly undistinguished poem.

    1. I am glad you, too, dislike it. I object to the hackneyed use of enjambement, in addition to the hectoring and moralizing.

      1. I object to those things and the ponderous tone, the lack of rhythm.

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