Mitch Landrieu

A speech by the Mayor of New Orleans yesterday on the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee, at what was formerly known as Tivoli Circle. Thank you for coming. The soul of our beloved City is deeply rooted in a history that has evolved over thousands of years; rooted in a diverse people … More Mitch Landrieu

Esto suena reaccionario

The practical reason I did not go out with professors when I was in graduate school was concern about possible future damage to my career. However, that appears to be the reason people say yes, not no. What am I missing here? Axé.

Anna Tsing

On Heart of Darkness and Moby-Dick as examples of salvage capitalism: Moby-Dick tells of a ship of whalers whose rowdy cosmopolitanism contrasts sharply with our stereotypes of factory discipline; yet the oil they obtain from killing whales around the world enters a U.S.-based capitalist supply chain. Strangely, all the harpooners on the Pequod are unassimilated … More Anna Tsing

Brave new world

One of my students has been working in queer theory and there is far more of it than I had realized. This piece on “gay shame” seems important for a number of reasons, having to do in part with some people I once knew. Axé.

Des lectures

For my course on representations of the other, I need this article I have never read and also the important Mulvey text on the gaze from 1975. I want handmade medieval boots. They are less expensive and better than many modern shoes, and not unfashionable, and I could wear them with academic robes. I am … More Des lectures

Lire, écouter

Robert Reich on Trumpy’s bankers. Silvia Federici, again. This conversation explains more about your problems than any analyst could. We are asked to see everything but the movement of capital. Federici is a genius and will give your life meaning. Olivia Goldhill on the psychological importance of wasting time. Lamar White, one of the only … More Lire, écouter