Lire, écouter

Robert Reich on Trumpy’s bankers.

Silvia Federici, again. This conversation explains more about your problems than any analyst could. We are asked to see everything but the movement of capital. Federici is a genius and will give your life meaning.

Olivia Goldhill on the psychological importance of wasting time.

Lamar White, one of the only people who actually loves Louisiana and the United States, points out that we should have statues of Tubman, Stowe, and Northrup, not Davis, Jackson and Lee.

James Kirylo on the overtesting of students. On television, too. And in the NYT, an article on how school vouchers work to produce lower test scores.

Corporate “diversity.”

Caetano Veloso in LARB. has been more completely monetized. I knew it would be, but the article is still interesting.

Anya Kamenetz on critiques of course evaluations. And another piece, less interesting, but still worthwhile.


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