On that Heineken advertisement

I can write in more detail later, but I do note that when Frederick Douglass visited the house where he had spent time as a child–my family’s house–they did in fact offer him, and he did in fact accept a glass of wine. They were at the same time involved in reenslavement at their Mississippi properties, and I have additional reasons not to think the glass of wine was terribly meaningful.

I am also somewhat alarmed nowadays to note that respect for “diversity” is defined as remembering that white people “have rights, too.”


2 thoughts on “On that Heineken advertisement

    1. Ah! The story I want to tell is about diversity training.

      But the story you are interested in is just about my family. We’re from Wye House, which Douglass describes in his narrative. There is a lot to say about the Tilghmans, the Goldsboroughs and especially the Lloyds (who had Wye House) — .

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