There are so many things about Bourdieu. And Sánchez-Prado has some new edited books coming out: on Mexico and world literature, and Bourdieu and Latin America.

The point is that Latin America is so often the beginning point, not the imitator of modern processes, yet the central countries do not recognize this.

I said this long ago, before I had learned it from anyone. I am so gratified when other people see it.


3 thoughts on “Bourdieu

  1. I don’t share that liberal guilt. I grew up around those people. They made my life miserable. Know thine enemy, I say.

    1. I actually like Bourdieu’s work, and I admire Sánchez-Prado, and I wouldn’t characterize what they do as products of liberal guilt … who do you mean, what do I misunderstand?

  2. Oh — Archambeau’s got liberal guilt? What I’d point out there is that very many Trump voters aren’t the working classes, they’re elites themselves.

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