A terrible beauty

It is said you cannot psychoanalyze yourself but I am forced to do it as I have found it to be the best available option. That is why I have this weblog. There were two breakthroughs this week. It is a breakthrough when you find a simple answer. The first was actually one I had … More A terrible beauty

A rough draft (response to Jonathan)

I know people say procrastination is perfectionism but I don’t know how in the world they came up with this idea. I know perfectionists and they don’t procrastinate, they’re just meticulous and over-critical, over-fussy. I first “procrastinated” twice in graduate school, when I had paper ideas that were not actually viable. Studying on quarters there … More A rough draft (response to Jonathan)

Antropologías del sur

There are all these books, new books, amazing South American anthropology and theory books, that you can download from the Antropologías del sur site. There is also a really smart post about writing productivity. ♦ I keep forgetting that I am slightly dissociative, or slightly withdrawn. I forget because it is almost imperceptible, and then … More Antropologías del sur

On wing-clipping

This life is more ascetic than one I would lead, but it has the meditativeness I like and the activity. Other people swear by the 15-minute block and perhaps it is because of having been invaded and trampled upon so much, but I don’t like crammed schedules and do like time to meditate. My difficulty … More On wing-clipping

Eh bien

The current firestorm is useful insofar as I now know whose so-called expertise not to trust. (Yes, one should always look at all policy documents, review them, seek the wisdom therein but that is something we can all do.) I am told I am not competent enough, or trustworthy enough. I don’t sacrifice enough, take … More Eh bien

Sur le corps

The March 2006 PMLA (121:2) is one of those I kept, to study, and am no longer because those articles are now available online and: you must clear out bookshelves if you are to see what you have. I kept it because it had articles about the body and corporeality, including one on Descartes and … More Sur le corps