Disappointing statements

“You are not in graduate school any more, so your job is not to do research any more. To do research would be arrogant.”

“The research you do does not bring large grants into the university and for this reason, it is not research.”

“The courses that make the most money for us are the basic ones that fulfill the general education requirement, so it is in those you should take interest.”


Jorge Schwartz: “Ai, minha filha, o que você faz aqui?”

That last one has a context I could explain, but do not have time to do now. I think it bears thinking about, as it has to do with that book. Everything related to that book has to have a psychoanalytic lens shone upon it, the refusal to write that came from the unconscious.

I will one day look down the other side of this mountain, and be free.


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