What I bought in Latvia

I should have bought: ceramics, salt scrub and other cosmetics with Latvian herbs, black balsam, mittens, belts, amber, and perhaps other high-quality, traditional and artisanal things.

What I really bought is:
– Books: an interesting guidebook in German, a Latvian grammar, an English translation of a Pushkin story
– Postcards: many, from a bookstore, scenes of Riga, and from the art museums, reproductions of paintings; one magnet that is a reproduction of a plate by Romans Suta
– A design element to wear: it is like a knee-length, buttonless and sleeveless coat with one hook in front, and it is in an odd pink that looks good on me. Latvian design and production, and all the fashionable young women in Riga have something like this, I cannot be left behind. A luxury at 65 euros
– 13 euros each, bought in Portuguese form a Russian: Indian blouse, Italian sundress marked down from 104, and fascinating cross between shirt, dress and jacket: another design element to be worn over other things, except that this one can be buttoned up
– A genuine striped flax towel, of the kind we had long ago
– A jar of spice: sea salt mixed with hemp powder. It gives a very good taste and is to be sprinkled on salad or quark.

I thought it was excessive to buy these clothes, was not sure of any of them, but looking at them now I realize nobody else will have anything like them, they are so sophisticated and unusual.


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