Encore qq. ch. que j’ai dit

Well, I think we should put the research opportunities and the community involvement into the specific plan. They won’t work if added as band-aids / for window-dressing: they have to be real. So, things like writing across the curriculum, research opportunities in every course, hiring a person part of whose job would be community engagement, etc., would actually speak to these problems in a realistic way.

In terms of events, we could already have faculty-student symposia, a Sigma Delta Pi event every month highlighting someone — I wish we would. Specifically, this could be something we could undertake as major committee.

Do you see? These things matter because since this is an official document, we can cite it and use it to justify various improvements. Re grammar, their grammar needs addressing but what they need is to read more. One can have them do exercises all day but without exposure to the language, and ideally educated versions of it to start with (Benjamin did *not* understand why the Spanish he learned in the kitchen of Chuy’s was not enough to qualify him as a professional translator), they won’t have a head for grammar. They also have to produce it, speaking and writing, not just do exercises in it or have it explained to them. In other words, things have to happen in context and there is ample research on this.

So what I mean is, we can use this to create really forward-looking course goals and strategic plan, and NOT as an excuse for dumbing-down (which is surely what some would like to do)?


One thought on “Encore qq. ch. que j’ai dit

  1. N.B. This was in response to a summary of student outcomes and self-assessments. Looking at it a couple of days later I see how sophisticated it really is, in terms of thought toward strategic planning / mission / vision / program building. Gosh.

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