Internet-free workdays?

I have discovered that I surf the Internet while working, or instead of working, because working means being on the Internet, and I do not want to be. If I surf, I can just read, but if I work I must check boxes, constantly interact with the machine. It seems like an instrument of torture.

I asked myself: what would make it possible for you to get up and work without anxiety? The answer was: if I could deal with books, papers, and live telephone only, except perhaps for a half an hour at the end where I would download articles for the next day. Or perhaps even, five minutes per hour where I looked things up. But I would not deal with course websites or e-workbooks, nor would I read articles on JSTOR and similar services that I had not already downloaded.

I never liked television and all of these screens bother me. The entire enterprise seems like a form of junk food, with similar effects. I may try one of those pieces of Internet-blocking software I have heard of, that still lets you read things like JSTOR.


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