“I think you should sell that [your] house and get out of that town.” “You cannot know when you will have to leave your [tenured] job. You may not get to be the one who chooses that.” “You cannot know that you will live to be old. Even if all the members of your family … More Bullies

Linux wireless

Networkmanager should do the job for you if you have the right module for your wireless adapter configured in your kernel. Way better than it was in the old days. Look at dmesg to see if the module came up correctly when it booted. Here is mon problème: I’ve been lazy learning all these Linux … More Linux wireless

Noam Chomsky

Here we have a piece on Chomsky to read. Here we have the first month of Hattie‘s blog, November 2005. I started three months later, in February, 2006, and Hattie died in November, 2017. This means we have twelve years of blog posts from Hattie to review, 144 months. This month, this year, every day … More Noam Chomsky