Noam Chomsky

Here we have a piece on Chomsky to read.

Here we have the first month of Hattie‘s blog, November 2005. I started three months later, in February, 2006, and Hattie died in November, 2017. This means we have twelve years of blog posts from Hattie to review, 144 months.

This month, this year, every day I will reaffirm that I am a professor and deserve as much autonomy and authority as other professors. As we know, I never gave myself the chance or more accurately, I only gave myself the chance in certain ways and during certain short periods. I have to do it daily now, regardless of what I decide ultimately.


I will inherit less than was implied. It is very interesting; I knew from the first day I would not be happy as a professor or really be support myself as one, but the family insisted I continue, to remain in their good graces since I wasn’t competent at life, they said.

I don’t know how well I would have done at the things I thought of doing or those I wanted to try, but the inheritance will not be game-changing. Also my father, who is the only one now in charge, would not have disinherited me in any case.

I have long wanted to go to law school. Perhaps I should do it now so that I can always do contract work, no matter how old I am. I would not have to practice long in a state that paid into Social Security to qualify for that, either.


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