More on priorities

I still think the original article was the most interesting, with its discussion of time, what time is, and its practical questions:

What matters now? (People change in time, so it’s natural that priorities change in time, as well. Make sure you’re not acting on yesteryear’s priorities just because you had them last year.)
What actions can I take today, tomorrow, and this week that most reflect my priorities?
What are the priorities of the people around me who matter? (Your family, friends, boss, coworkers, employees.) Do we have alignment, interdependence, or tension?
What’s on my plate that doesn’t reflect my priorities and what needs to happen to get it off my plate?
With whom can I share my priorities so that I receive the support I need to take action on them?

I think looking too closely , as I have perhaps done, or simplifying to “am I following priorities or not?” are distortions. “Why aren’t you following stated priorities?” is like “Why are you not using your time wisely?”

My priorities? Adventure. A quest.  I remember being isolated as a child and forced into extreme dependency. I wanted to grow large, so I could forge autonomy and connection.

What I learned this week includes:  1/ That I should not limit myself just to assuage professional jealousy of others. Not only is it uncalled for–it will not work; and 2/ That I have high interest in work compared to others and also, high expectations of it.


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