Et voilà

I started writing again. In the old way — something every day, in the morning when I can, and spend a lot of related time reading, thinking, organizing notes and papers. The keys for me are not to try to rush and not to get scared self-censor. Part of my block on that Vallejo book had to do with no longer being willing write what I was told, and at the same time not daring to write what I wanted. Later I have had other projects I did have interest and confidence in but my problem in this job is the energy drain due to the toxicity. The way I started writing again while in town (I usually go out of town to write) was to stay in for two days reading and thinking, totally ignoring work and everything else. In this way I summoned myself. Now I have to go into the department and not allow it to push me into the usual mild, yet disabling-for-writing dissociative fugue.

On an unrelated note, here is a book on tenure and minorities that I would really like to get.


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