This book

The blurb: Rejecting the view that social categories of difference such as race and culture operate solely as principles of exclusion, Denise Ferreira da Silva presents a critique of modern thought that shows how racial knowledge and power produce global space. Silva proposes that the notion of racial difference governs the global power configuration because it institutes moral regions not covered by post-Enlightenment ethical ideals.

[Station break: I am reader 144365 and should call in. The university system is not your friend, nor is the university (necessarily). This is my first self-care day at work in many years.]

Here is a useful review. I would like to be able to read the whole thing but this is useful. And there are my extensive notes. Remember: race is constitutive of modernity and this is why the problem of racism does not go away. Also remember: I understand this book better than I think and it is probably also better than I think.


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