Giroux: “The great philosopher Antonio Gramsci, who was one of the first Marxist theoreticians who understood that almost every act of politics is a pedagogical practice, wrote a brilliant essay in 1916 on why he hates the indifferent. What he understood was that indifference, my term, was not an action that existed in a void but a learned political practice; that is, it was an operative pedagogical force that often hid beneath the ideological deceit of commonsense, the notion that there is no alternative, and a mass produced manufactured ignorance or form of public pedagogy that today parades under a notion of civic stupidity that proclaims its support for “alternative facts”, “enemies of the people,” and there is not such thing as the truth. Consciousness as the motor of thought, desire, agency, and struggle is a burden for many today because it refuses the notion of fate, easy orthodoxy, economic determinism, and the silly discourse of objective contradictions, not to mention the collapse into political purity and the notion that biology drives our politics. Consciousness is a site of struggle not a vacuum waiting to be filled with academic platitudes. It is the site where indifference is challenged and gives rise to educated hope and collective struggles.”

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