I have started paying $30/year for this site, to get the ads off it, and I am going to clean it up. I will be one of the last bloggers.

I have discovered this poet, Silvia Goldman, who turns out to be the author of this piece I read some time ago and liked, as well as the author it is on and the site, Vallejo & Co., that reproduced it.

I have seen that not all professors are as badgered as I, and remember there was a time when I was not, either. I am trying to channel it.

August 2018 marks the quincentenary of the beginning of the Atlantic slave trade.

This is one of the professors who apparently has new, as yet unpublished research on it. Another is David Richardson and he is at the University of Hull. There is also David Wheat at Michigan State (I should have been an economic historian).


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