C’était quoi?

Kavanaugh and his friends say it doesn’t matter, these things don’t matter, they’re rites of passage for men, and they say this while, in some cases, also defending rights of rapists to prevent their victims from aborting. It’s the whole package that has people disgusted.

I do tend to agree that K.’s record, and the actual reasons for putting him in, should not have been overshadowed.

In all the discussion what I think people lose sight of is that it’s NOT a criminal case (those standards of evidence don’t apply) and also not JUST a job interview. It’s a permanent judgeship on the highest court. There are codes of conduct and standards for these positions that aren’t the same as those you follow. They ask for more.

And I don’t buy the idea that this is a slippery slope toward unreasonable scrutiny of all job candidates, nor that I owe this person solidarity because we job candidates need to look past differences and hang together so we do not hang separately. I don’t owe solidarity to Avital Ronell, either.

If these people had any solidarity they wouldn’t act as they do, and if Kavanaugh were a patriot he’d have stepped out of this fight so that the court could retain some credibility. But no — he’s for himself and Trump, period. Disgusting.


4 thoughts on “C’était quoi?

  1. Calls for solidarity with people who wouldn’t spit on you if you were on fire, have more socioeconomic status than you, whose situations are so far removed from your own, and who actively work against you, are not calls for solidarity. They are calls for deference. Solidarity is a two way street; deference only flows in one direction.

    I don’t get it. Especially from people who are union members and were active in a union for their profession. I don’t get taking up for such people who definitionally do not need a union.

    I can get academics feeling they’re temporarily unrecognized superstars but it would be lunacy for most lawyers to feel they are temporarily pre-SCOTUS.

    1. Exactly. Also, calls to defer to men for sake of own possible future advancement are not feminist & will not advance the cause.

      1. Is there anything more neoliberal than than that? Quite a trick.

        Also #LeanIn and #SolidarityIsForWhiteWomen.

        Did I tell you how maybe days after the election some liberal white dude misquoted Gandhi at me because I expressed I had many more pressing feminist and activist priorities than defending Melania Trump from “slut shaming?” He was furious.

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